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Dedicated Server FAQ's


Dedicated Server FAQ's

  •    What operating Systems you offer on Dedicated Servers ? Dedicated Server netandhost

    We offer both Microsoft and Linux operating systems in our Dedicated Servers , Microsoft 2003/2008 Cent OS , Red Hat and Fedora.

  •    What Control Panels do you offer? Dedicated Server netandhost

    We offer following control panel options WebMin (Free), Plesk and Cpanel (paid).

  •    Can i upgrade my Dedicated Server ? Dedicated Server netandhost

    Hardware changes can be made at any time to any of our servers. Changes may affect your setup and monthly recurring charges.

  •    How many IP addresses can I have? Dedicated Server netandhost

    By default every Dedicated Server is provided with 1 static IP address You can buy as many required at additional cost .

  •    What kind of support you provide? Dedicated Server netandhost

    We offer support via a user friendly email ticket system. We also offer telephone, and remote login support. Remote login support are for an additional fee based on the technical problems escalated to our support team.

  •    What types of applications can I load? Dedicated Server netandhost

    You are free to load any applications you wish as long as they are not in violation of our Terms of Service.

  •    Can i reboot my Dedicated Server remotely? Dedicated Server netandhost

    We are referring to instances when we have to physically reboot your server. You are free to reboot your server remotely by yourself at any time, at no charge. This is one of the many benefits to having your own dedicated server.

  •    What is the definition of a System Restore? Dedicated Server netandhostDedicated Server netandhost

    A system restore is required when we have to restore your server to the same state that it was given initially after set up. This happens when a customer does catastrophic damage to their system OS.

  •    What are the most common uses of a Dedicated Server? Dedicated Server netandhost

    The most common uses are Hosting Servers, Development Servers, Staging Servers, Email Servers, Data Backup Servers, Gaming Servers, File Servers, Monitoring Servers, or as failover servers to existing network setups.

  •    What are the choices of Hard Disk you provide on Dedicated Server ? Dedicated Server netandhost

    We provide SATA II, SATA RAPTOR, SAS and SSD Drives for the servers based on customers requirement and budget.

  •    What forms of payment do you accept? Dedicated Server netandhost

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, paypal, JCB and Wire Transfers. You may also pay by cheque favoring "SGS Technologie Pvt Ltd" but we will activate the server after payment realization.

  •    Where will my server be located ? Dedicated Server netandhost

    We provide servers preferably from India and US Data Centers. Customer can choose a server from India or US . Our network infrastructure is powered by CISCO routers and switches. For our main fibre-optic connections we use High End Cisco routers for fastest packet delivery, efficient and smart routing and for rock-solid stability.
    The robust exterior-independent design of our data center allows us to serve the needs of our clients regardless of what happens in the outside world. Our facility is climate sealed from the outside and climate controlled from the inside to ensure maximum security against server heat-outages.

  •    What type of connection will I have? Dedicated Server netandhost

    All the Servers of customers are connected to a 100 Mbps port.

  •    Can i upgrade my Dedicated Server to a Cloud ? Dedicated Server netandhost

    Yes we will provide upgrade facility to cloud server based on your request. During migration there might be some outages due to IP Change and DNS Resolution.

  •    Who will have control of the server? Dedicated Server netandhost

    This is your own dedicated server. You will have complete root access control over the server.

  •    What is your Acceptable Use Policy? Dedicated Server netandhost

    Please Click here to view our Terms of Service