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The Best Online Stores use Our Hosted Ecommerce Features

Ease of use

It is well established that a properly designed storefront will produce increased sales. Your storefront is your public image. It directly impacts potential customers' perception of your business.Netandhost has created design tools and templates which can assist you in managing all aspects of your store design. there's no got to learn code. you've got complete control over the shop , we handle the technical details. If you would like access to the planning a part of the code, it's readily available to you, through your browser . albeit you create changes to the template, all new software features are updated seamlessly without causing disruptions to your site.

Optimum SEO (Search Engine Optimized) solutions

We have built our system on the inspiration of labor done by the foremost respected SEO experts. The result's that websites hosted by Netandhost will enable you to achieve the simplest possible ranking on such major search engines as Bing, Google, Yahoo, et al. .Our software will draw more visitors to your site. More visitors to a neat site will end in increased sales.

Increase Your Market Share

By targeting customers across traditional boundaries, Netandhost enables you to succeed in a bigger market. Our e-commerce services are designed to permit you to work multiple stores, and may handle a spread of currencies. this is often a neighborhood of our standard ecommerce service.

Reach the Mobile Marketplace

The increased popularity of smart phones (Android, Palm Pre, iPhone, Blackberry & others) and pad computing devices like iPad and a number of "work alikes" has introduced an entire new market which didn't exist just a couple of years ago. Such devices allow customers to shop for whenever and wherever they'll feel so inclined. Netandhostprovides an exclusive web interface which is meant specifically for mobile devices. the pictures fit exactly on each phone's screen, eliminating the need of scrolling to look at the page. This leads to a gorgeous shopping experience, which can encourage your customers to form their purchases at once .

Product Pre-Orders

This feature allows you to pre-sell items which aren't yet available. you'll specify the date when the merchandise are going to be available, insert a message explaining the small print , and found out a process to handle orders. When the merchandise is out there , you'll process the orders and ship those items with only a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Export your listing for Comparison Shoppers

Several companies offer comparison services which offer clients several sources for desired products, along with pricing, shipping information, and other options. Netandhost's system enables you to quickly export your products for listing on such PPC shopping sites as Google Shopping, Shopzilla,, PriceGrabber, MySimon, NexTag, BizRate, Beso, and others. By offering your products through such sites, you increase traffic to your store.

Integrate with Social Networking Media

Without doubt, the foremost effective thanks to get noticed today is found within the growing social networking media. Facebook, for instance has a tremendous number of users, and lots of of them spend an hour or more per day on the location . The high volume exposure which you'll derive from such media means more people will visit your website. Every visitor to your site who participates in such media could also be a potential link to the many other individuals who may be curious about your products. Our new social media marketing features are going to be included at no extra cost, for the advantage of all of our customers. the looks of those features is meant to "feel" familiar to Facebook users, thereby providing a more natural flow toward the acquisition of your products.

Offer Coupons and Discounts

Our Online Store software enables you to easily create trackable coupons which give customers a dollar value or a percentage discount on their orders. Coupons may be set to expire after a specified date or a specific number of uses. You can easily run reports to evaluate coupon usage.

Improved content management

SMBDemand's enhanced Content Management System will provide you with the power to quickly and simply build complex pages. Improved content leads to improved commerce.

Additional Features

To facilitate customer reviews, you'll prefer to integrate IntenseDebate or Disqus. you furthermore may have the choice of getting your customer write reviews, which you'll then approve or reject, using your administrative controls. You can edit pictures within the browser, using Picnik. Your orders and shipments could also be integrated, using Shipworks (available only to US customers). The instrument panel allows you to edit your robots.txt file. you'll display an "Also Viewed" panel because the customer views product pages. The system handles redirection of WWW files to "non-WWW" and vice-versa.

Google Adwords and Google Analytics

Our Ecommerce services are designed to be totally integrated with Google Adwords and Google Analytics, thereby providing you with the tools to completely analyze every action which occurs on your online store. By using conversion tracking, you can actual analyze your visitors needs. Adwords also assists you in knowing which of your advertising programs actually work, and which ones may need improvement.

Manage orders well

Netandhostunderstands that every business is exclusive . We never attempt to squeeze your business into somebody else's template. Our system is flexible. we will work with every sort of business. Whether your online store generates thousands of transactions, or only a relative handful, our handcart will offer you the tools to properly manage your customer orders. Properly managed orders end in high levels of customer satisfaction.and that results in repeat sales.

Quality Product Images

Research reveals that customers respond best once they can see clear, detailed images of the products offered. Our system enables you to manage the dimensions and quality of your product images. Not only can we enable you to upload unlimited quantities of images, but we also provide tools which permit the customer to Magnify and Zoom on the pictures . this permits customers to ascertain the small print which are needed to rework "browsers" to "buyers". All of our image software is quick loading, is compatible with all common browsers, and offers complete compliance with XHTML CSS standards.

Exceptional High Performance

You'll find that page load times for our software are surprisingly short. we've incorporated several performance enhancing tools, like page Caching. Together, our website enhancements end in a greatly improved browsing experience for your customers. Improved load times and usually enhanced browsing leads to increased sales.

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

Enable your customers to easily purchase gift cards and gift certificates. These can be either physical (sent to the recipient by mail) or virtual (a code is sent to the recipient via email). Your customer can include a personal message as a part of the purchasing process. You receive payment when the card/certificate is purchased. The recipient can then use the value to purchase items from your store.

Wish Lists

Your customers are often encouraged to make wish lists for products on your site and share those lists with friends through email and social media accounts. you're likely to get that Wish Lists increase sales!

Tax Zones

Our system enables you to create stacked, multiple tax rates. In order to comply with regulations for international sales, these are necessary. In some cases, you may need them to accommodate local, county, and state taxes, as well.